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Welcome to and introducing

This is a development and testing site - work in progress - for Internet, 2D/3D Devices, Arduino and "Pi" (and evolved) technologies. It also provides links and resources for personal research - Amateur Radio, Cisco / CCNA and Programming resources.

There is no commercial activity here of any description - just private research. will eventually evolve into Amateur Radio activities and resources for VK3RDQ while will transition to 2D / 3D Printing / Arduino Raspberry Pi / Cisco / CCNA and Programming Resources.

Where possible permission has been sought for the images, graphics and content used. Artwork and materials has been sourced from license-free repositories.

Please feel free to have a look around - but frankly this is a very boring place with large graphics deliberately annoying sounds !

Any guidance sought for Amateur Radio Training and upgrades (Foundation, Standard or Advanced-class Licenses) or for Steve VK3VM / VK3SIR as an Amateur Radio Assessor (3-072) for ALARA or the South-Western Victorian Region (Warrnambool) should be directed to vk3vm (remove space).

There are no egos or clubs pushed - although ARV as resource providers and ALARA as supporting our Ladies and families in AR are supported. The aim is is solely to see more ethical, community-minded and supportive Amateurs on our Airwaves.

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is highly supported in concept.

Updated 29/04/2018